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Rolfing is a manual work with a body. It focuses on fascial tissue and corrects body structure and figure, and optimizes motor coordination. Its main goal is to enable the body to regain the natural integrity of its form.

Rolfing significantly reduces or eliminates tensions, stiffness and pain in one’s body. Due to fascial tissue’selastic qualities, it impacts on the tissue’s adaptation processes. Rolfing Structural Integration through mobility education can change posture patterns – how we sit, walk, get up, etc. – that have led to problems and pain or discomfort.

Rolfing restores the body’s proper balance and full integration of all its parts, which customers describe as: a relief from ailments and pain; a feeling of more space and lightness in the body; an appearance of new motor ranges; an increased body awareness, a higher level of energy and vitality;  improved wellbeing.

For whom Rolfing is helpful?

Regardless of one’s profession, passion or age Rolfing is a proven method for effective pain decrease or its complete elimination. Rolfing improves body’s flexibility, as well as it gives back body structures’ balance and sense of vitality. It is a for anyone who wants to live and move freely – without any limits or pain.

  • People with a chronicle pain
    • for example: back pain, head pain, neck pain, mandibular joint pain, any locomotive organ and more
    • before and after surgical procedure
  • Individuals who are conscious of their body and would like to:
    • prevent body’s posture complication
    • correct their figure
    • enhance and extend kinaesthetic effectivity
    • deepen breath
    • get rid of feeling stiff
  • Sportspeople and would like to enhance their performances
  • Anyone who is looking for benefits on psychological and emotional level:
    • and is chronically fatigued
    • has low energy level
    • is in stress
    • experienced trauma
    • would like to discover new areas of their own possibilities, both physical and psychological

To sum up, Rolfing helps in finding new capabilities that in one’s body on several levels. Firstly, there are physical changes in body’s posture. Secondly, it helps on functional level: it teaches how we should sit, move or even breath. Finally, it changes perception of our consciousness of the body and it offers the new perception of our own capabilities. Rolfing frees, extends and softens joined fibres of the fascial tissue and thanks to that:

  • It corrects body’s posture
  • Extends movement’s range
  • Reduces or moderates back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain etc.
  • Corrects breathing technique
  • It increases endurance and stamina
  • Brings the sensation of inner harmony and boosts mood

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