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ScarWork is a painless and non-invasive treatment of a scar. It was developed by Sharon Wheeler, who was trained by Dr. Ida Rolf.

It is a manual therapy used to give back feeling to the post-surgical area. It eliminates stiffness and toughness in the area around the scar. The skin regains its elasticity, smoothness and healthy colour. Additionally, ScarWork integrates the scar into the net of fascial tissue and surrounding tissues freeing the body from pain, tensions and contractures(for example: nerves, skin, muscles, joints and bones).

The time of work with the scar and the ongoing changes depend on:

  • physiological, metabolic, hormonal and mechanical factors
  • the size – taking care of long and deep scars – after C-section – or extensive – after burning – may take either few hours, 5/6 sessions, or a dozen. Working with smaller scars – after thyroid – could be done even after one session or it could be added to Rolfing therapy
  • the age of the scar does not have an impact on ScarWork effectiveness. Progressive changes can be noticed with both a 40-year-old, or a fresh one
  • changes done by the ScarWork therapy are permanent


No matter what type of a scar one has, it changes one’s body and figure, as they appear in the place, where the tissue was damaged.

Even though scars develop in the natural healing process, they interfere the right physiological exchange between the body’s structure. Nerves, blood, lymph vessels, skin, fascia and other tissues cannot cooperate well.

More importantly, scars have no functional purpose, as they are an area of somatic dysfunction and structural devastation of the tissues. Their only “job” is to fill out the space after the injury. Additionally, adhesions may appear as an effect of the healing process. Because of adhesions many unpleasant symptoms and disadvantages may occur:

  • contracture
  • inflammation
  • temporary pain
  • limit in body’s moving range
  • lack of sensation/hypersensitivity in the area of an injury


As a result of ScarWork, complaints caused by scars and adhesions are reduced and improved. We should remember that the size, pace and range of changes is always an individual matter, which is influenced by various factors, including metabolic, hormonal and mechanical.

The following effects and benefits of ScarWork can be observed:

  • The whole body is better integrated
  • The sensation in the operated area returns
  • The elasticity of the skin returns, as well as the elasticity of the scar – its stiffness, hardness and tension disappear
  • The skin becomes smoother
  • The skin regains its healthy colour
  • The contractures disappear completely or partially